Subjects and topics
Cities of the Future – TRUST invites contributions on the following subjects and topics:
  • Planning for Future Urban Water Services
    • Strategies for Sustainable UWS
    • Territorial and Urban Planning
    • Diagnosis Tools
    • Management Tools
  • Engineering Future Urban Water Services
    • Water Security in Cities
    • Healthy and Liveable Cities
    • Resource/Energy-Efficient Cities
    • Climate-Resilient Urban Water Services
    • Smart Networks – Smart Water Services
  • Governing and Financing Future Urban Water Services
    • Water Governance in Transition
    • Financial Sustainability of UWS
    • Affordable Water Services
Within the conference, there will be a special session dedicated to the core outcomes of the TRUST project, covering in particular the following aspects of a successful transition to more sustainable urban water services:
  • Diagnosis and Vision
  • Policy, Financing and Society
  • Analysis Tools
  • Technologies & Operational Options
  • Future Water Policies & Integrated Tools
  • TRUST@Work: solutions demonstrated in Green Cities, Water-Scarcity Cities and Urban / Peri-Urban Settings
  • Train4TRUST: trainable TRUST outputs, training opportunities