Cities of the Future Conference
Cities around the world are growing and are subject to a number of challenges such as demographic change, globalizing economies, social inequalities, technological innovation, growing resource-demand and environmental changes. The challenges are all expected to impose significant strains on urban water systems (UWS) over the coming decades. Many cities across the world will experience increasingly frequent shortfalls in the supply / demand balance. More intense rainfall events will lead to local flooding of properties and transport systems and to pollution of receiving waters. Sustainable solutions to these challenges need to be sensitive to long-term investment needs, but also to increasing energy prices, demands for low carbon intensity solutions, and the need to reduce gas emissions from urban activities.
Water is vital for any human society, and therefore the urban water cycle services (particularly water supply and sanitation) are key factors for stable and healthy cities of the future. Within the context of a growing world population, continuing urbanization and the general pursuit of better living standards, there is an urgent need for really sustainable solutions for urban water services: solutions that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.
Cities of the Future – Transitions to the Urban Water Services of Tomorrow (TRUST) will provide an opportunity to present and discuss leading-edge developments in the area of urban water services with an international audience of water utility personnel, researchers, engineers, technology providers, city planners, consultants, regulators and policy makers. It will be focused on the techniques, technologies and management approaches aiming at enabling and supporting the transition towards more sustainable urban water futures, but also zoom-in on the socio-economic requirements and aspects of this transition.